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About Us

As Ali Güler Furniture, we have been manufacturing and selling luxury classic home furniture all over the country after its establishment in Ankara, in 1972. Experienced and creative craftsmen, who are employed directly under the supervision of the company's founders, create furniture designs that make a difference in the sector.

We manufacture sustainable quality products from first class materials with extremely meticulous workmanship performance. Hand woven accents of the furniture are also perfectly fulfilled under the roof of our production facilities in Ankara. Since the day our company started its activities in luxury furniture manufacturing, it has been producing at the highest possible standards.

We continue to add new designs to our wide range of products including more than 70 luxury models developed by our own designer and craftsman team. Adding 10 new models to our catalogs every year, we continue to offer luxury furniture design needs of our valued customers. Our products are always produced with the values ​​of comfort, style, durability and quality in mind. Our brand, Ali Güler Furniture, aims to be among the pioneers of the sector by making development sustainable with our furniture production services that focus on customer satisfaction and meet the expectations of the creative and luxury class.

As one of the leading companies in the luxury furniture industry, we provide trust in the sector with customer satisfaction as we manufacture our furniture designs with high quality and fine workmanship. Our loyal customer base includes our customers with whom we communicate in a wide perspective, from large retailers of the furniture industry to independent manufacturers, interior designers to individual customers.

With optional custom design products, price points and services suitable for every budget, we offer dealer support of appropriate sizes for our customers. Our valued customers have the opportunity to easily sell our products in their luxury furniture demands, together with their satisfaction with our service quality.

Our Location

Ali Guler Furniture

3226 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX, 77025, United States.
+1 281 974 14 85

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